Polyphosphate dosing with filter Sirio
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Pholyphospate dosing unit with filter

The SIRIO phosphate dispenser is the innovative dosing + filtration system designed for installation on domestic boilers, water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines.

With the double function of filtering water and dosing phosphates prevents the precipitation of calcium carbonate and magnesium causing limestone incrustations. In addition, the silicate balls contained inside create a protective film of the metal parts in contact with the water avoiding corrosion due to aggressive water over time.

Charging takes place in a practical way, avoiding the unpleasant drawbacks that can be found with traditional powder dispensers.

The inlet water of the device, forced by appropriate passages, passes through phosphate / silicate spheres with the property of preventing precipitation of calcium carbonate and magnesium and corrosion protection. In addition, the filter cartridge stops all impurities in the water, safeguarding devices from unpleasant clogs. The device is reversible, suitable for any type of boiler installations, water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers. Once the charge is exhausted, the replacement of a new, without the long and complicated procedures of the powder dosing is proceeded.

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