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Water Solution Made in Italy

Cosmo 2 and Cosmo 2B are the new semi-automatic cleaning filters produced by Ecoterm. The result of the experience gained in the field of water treatment for over 30 years made with the best technologies and the best materials currently available.


By activating the wash knob, the rotation of the internal filtration system is activated which will be brushed internally on its surface. At each cleaning operation the dirt accumulated on the cartridge and inside the glass will be discharged.

This system will not therefore present the problem of replacing the filter cartridge or cleaning it, with significant economic and practical advantages



Why our filter system is really reliable, efficient and innovative?



The no-drip system and the dirt deposit allow for the proper working of the drainage system for the whole life of the filter, avoiding unpleasant water leaks and blockages. With this technology the drain switch from the open/close position by the rotation and will be always clean and without impurities which could compromise the correct functionality.



The filter cartridge consists of 3 layers. The inner layer or perforated support body serves to support the filter mesh and improves the cartridge. The cartridge head welding and consequently its uniform surface avoids the dangerous stresses of the brushes and the filter mesh, focusing the brushed energy only on dirt removal, rather than cylinder deformation. The intermediate layer improves the passage of water as a diffuser and provides additional support to the layer dedicated to retaining the dirt. The last layer or filtering mesh attaches perfectly to the cylinder surface for greater reliability.


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