Sludge separator Astro
Water Solution Made in Italy

Compact sludge separator with magnet

ASTRO MINI, ASTRO 1 and ASTRO 1B compact sludge removal are a devices designed for domestic boiler installation.

The separation and filtration system of the dirt is achieved by means of a filter cylinder inside the device, with the purpose of separating the impurities and sludge inside the heating system, preserving the boiler and its components from any breaks and malfunctions.

Inside there is a magnetic device that makes the ASTRO defogger suitable for installation on plants where there is a higher concentration of ferrous particles, encrustations and debris due to corrosion.

The sediments, besides depositing on the surface of the cartridge, are then retained by the magnetic system and then removed by the opening of the drain valve.

The metal cartridge contained within the defragmenter has the function of stopping more coarse impurities and sludge. The internal magnetic device offers a further advantage in the removal of ferrous particles present especially in the plants that are dated, subject to corrosion.

For more details download the datasheet


ASTRO 1 technical data sheet

ASTRO 1B technical data sheet

ASTRO MINI technical data sheet

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