Dosing unit system
Water Solution Made in Italy

What does the D.P.R. 59/09

The D.P.R. N.59 / 09 introduces a new framework of mandatory requirements for building energy efficiency requirements.


Thermal power plant for the production of sanitary hot water and bithermic for the production of both domestic hot water and heating

For a total power of up to 100 kW, the regulations include the installation of an incineration and filtration prevention apparatus in the heat generator.


What are the possible installation problems of this device?

Surely the size. We know the installation spaces, especially below the boiler, are becoming more and more limited. Most often, only the polyphosphate dosage is installed, avoiding filtration, as defined by the standard.



To overcome this issuewe have developed a "combined" dosage + filtration solution of small size, installable under any boiler and easy to maintain.


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