Magnetic sludge removal
Water Solution Made in Italy

Required for the proper operation of your condensing boiler and your plant

Your plant and boiler need the proper care to be able to function properly and last for a long time. Our defocus is the firststep. The installation of our device prevents breaks and malfunctions by separating and filtering the dirt and mud present inside the pipes. The magnetic device contained inside also makes the defogger suitable for installation on plants where there is a higher concentration of ferrousparticles, corrosion and corrosion.

Super compact

Its super compact size allows it to be installed virtually under each boiler. Nickel-plated brass construction also makes it integrated with any other component of the plant and especially on exposed installations.

Powerful magnetic device

The powerful internal magnetic device, coupled with the filter cartridge, is the heart of our defragmenter. The internal magnet is perpetually in contact with the fluid, with the certainty of a correct action. The device has been designed to work to the fullest extent possible with domestic boilers.

Easy cleaningoperation

With the opening of the drain, the dirt that is retained inside the device can be infiltrated. For more accurate cleaning of the magnet andcartridge, the magnetic sludge removal can be inspected inside and completely removable.The ASTRO 1B magnet is removable from the outside.

100% Made in Italy

The device is designed and built in our factory.


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