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Water should be either well or aqueduct, it must be filtered before use.

Filtration is an indispensable treatment that protects equipment such as: washing machines, faucets, etc. Then the filter must be installed at the beginning of the water network.

If water contains only sand or solid particles in moderate amounts, you can use washable cartridge filters, even better if self-cleaning.

If water, on the other hand, is cloudy, it contains small solid substances such as clay or filing, it is necessary to filter through multisensor turbidity filters.

The turbidity filter filter consists of several layers of silica sand of virtually pure granules, which are free of carbonate, chemically inert and almost unlimited duration.



Water from aqueducts is almost always chlorinated to ensure the safety of bacteriological potency.

There are, however, cases where chlorine is not allowed, as in some industrial dyeing processes, the production of carbonated beverages, or in those cases where super chlorination must be used for reasons of potash processes to eliminate ammonia Present in the water, in all these cases the use of activated carbon filters is indispensable.

When using these activated carbon filters it should be remembered that sufficient residual chlorination should be left to ensure hygiene in drinking water, this can be achieved with post-chlorination.

The carbon filter bed is made of highly porous granular plant active carbon, it is highly resistant to mechanical friction and its depletion depends on many factors, such as: suspended substances, organic substances, detergents, pesticides, so it results It is very difficult to establish,a priori, the exact duration.



Drinking water should not contain iron in excess of 0.2 mg / l and manganese in quantities greater than 0.05 mg / l.

In many industrial processes the requirements are far more restrictive.

Deferrizators eliminate iron and manganese, and also destroy those substances that give the water unpleasant tastes and smells due to the presence of hydrogen sulphide.

The deferrization process is carried out by oxidative catalytic action favored by a small dosage of sodium hypochlorite.

The de-sterilizer filter bed is made of Pirolusite (Manganese Mn02) of excellent quality and purity mixed with quartz sand.Iron can also be eliminated by using special strong macroporous cationic resins with the dual action of eliminating calcium and magnesium and iron from the water.



Drinking water should not contain arsenic in quantities exceeding 10 g / l.

These filters reduce the arsenic content below the maximum water pot threshold.

The arsenic removal process is carried out with special resins, without the addition of chemicals. Resins can be replaced periodically.



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