Reverse osmosis
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What is osmosis?

Osmosis is a natural phenomenon that solutions with a low concentration of salts pass spontaneously into solutions with a higher concentration of salts through semi-permeable membranes, which allow the passage of water, but not salts.

By putting in two communicating vessels, separated by a membrane, in a solution with a low concentration of salts and in the other a solution with a higher concentration of salts, the solution with a low concentration of salts tends to pass naturally towards the solution with the highest concentration of salts , until reaching the equilibrium point, the difference in height between the two levels is called osmotic pressure.

Exploiting this principle it is possible to artificially reverse the process by applying a pressure higher than the natural osmotic pressure, to the solution with the highest concentration of salts, this process is called REVERSE OSMOSIS.

The osmotic membrane performs a very fine filtration and acts as a barrier, not only against salts and inorganic substances that make up water, but also against organic substances such as pesticides, pyrogens, viruses and bacteria.

A reverse osmosis membrane removes up to 90-95% of the salts and the system needs a water supply, a production (permeate) and a discharge (concentrated).

The type and size of the membrane must be chosen according to the type of water to be treated, according to a modular criterion, so that the selected membranes are arranged following a system of elements arranged in series and / or in parallel.

No civil and industrial enterprise can do without treated water; from water for boilers that must have precise chemical-physical characteristics, to water for food industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the possibilities of use of the reverse osmosis process can be considered infinite.


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