Water denitrification
Water Solution Made in Italy

Why installing an Ecoterm denitrificator?

Water used for hygienic, sanitary, and technological use from supply autonomy may have high nitrate values, the guideline value is 5 mg/l (NO3), while the maximum permissible concentration is 50 mg/l.

Denitrification of water by ion exchange is a long-established technique that allows nitrate ions to be removed from the water, responsible in some cases for the introduction of corrosive processes within the water distribution pipelines, Funnels, valves and industrial circuits.

ECOTERM denitrifiers have been designed to restore the correct balance between nitrate, chloride, sulphateions to buffer the aggressive tendency of water.

The denitrifiers can be equipped with a system for post-disinfectionresins foruse in drinking water circuits (UV lamp).


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