Water softener
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Why installing an Ecoterm water softeners?

Water used for drinking, sanitary, technological, aqueduct or self-supplying water can exhibit high hardness values, a term indicating the concentration of calcium and magnesium salts.

These precipitating salts form scaling of limestone, causing damage to boilers, kettles, water systems, household appliances,etc.

ECOTERM softeners are built in accordance with the laws and regulations of the drinking and technological water treatment equipment and allow to reduce the hardness with a significant benefit and savings in

  • hot and cold sanitary hot water circuits
  • boilers for heating circuits
  • steam generators and their circuits
  • cooling circuits
  • evaporation towers
  • laundry, washing machines, industrial dishwashers
  • process water for industrial processing
  • water for the production of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

ECOTERM softeners also benefit from hygienic sanitation: reducing detergent consumption, softer linens, reducing energy consumption to heat water.

Softeners can be equipped with a resin disinfection system for use in drinking water circuits.

Our softeners are manufactured in accordance with D.M.N.174 / 04 and D.M.N.25 / 12. D.P.R.N.59 / 09, D.M.N.37 / 08, the UNI CTI 7550 Technical Standards which prescribe the installation of a water softener on input water into the production and distribution circuits of sanitary water, heating and cooling systems.


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