Water Solution Made in Italy

Professional solutions for water treatment made in Italy

ECOTERM Water Solution operates as a manufacturer in the water treatment filed since 1978.

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Our work is focused on the goal of growing the company and developing exclusive and patented products in the field of water treatment.

Over the years we have tried to make the brand known throughout the national and international territory with the opening of sales agencies, service centers and dealers aimed at satisfying both technical and commercial needs.

Each Ecoterm product has years of technical design and design, testing, materials study and constant commitment to improvement. Making quality products superior to us is a challenge and above all an absolute priority.


Our professionalism is based on some principles that we strictly observe and respect in every moment of our work



For us it means always choosing the best, in materials, technical solutions and services.

We firmly believe that quality is necessary and indispensable to have an economic saving in the life cycle of our equipment and accessories with consequent maximum satisfaction from our customers.

Quality for us also means continuous improvement of existing products and raising our production standards.


We make sure that our proposal always looks to the future. Our products are always oriented to continuous improvement, expanding the offer with technologies and solutions that can be of help to the professional in the sector.


We expect maximum performance from each product. Our product must be simple to use, the result of detailed projects and unique solutions that characterize us.

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